Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014: A Year in Review

I'm doing my year in review post a bit different this year as well. Instead of chronically every month and highlighting important posts like I usually do, I'm highlighting my favourite posts from the year just like I did with my outfit roundup yesterday.

By far, my favourite posts of the year are my Thrifting Tips series. I worked incredibly hard on them and am very proud of how they turned out.

This year I was interviewed by Shaw TV about thrifting and my blog which was very exciting!

After living in our house for 5 years, I finally got the courage to tackle the enormous job of painting our kitchen in April. Another 6 months down the line and we're almost ready to knock the wall down between the living room and the kitchen. Like I said, things happen slowly in this house.

for the record, we have put the outlet covers on. this is just an old photo. 

We had a new addition to the family in June. We rescued Chopper. He's about the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Him and Dave love each other and we can't imagine life without him. 

In November I cut about a foot off of my long, long hair. I loved my long hair, but I can't believe I didn't cut it sooner.  

I really hate to be a downer on the blog, but it's been a tough year. I feel very tired. Even after 5 weeks off. I overloaded on work this year - I felt like I couldn't help it - so many projects and opportunities knocked on my door and I was compelled to say yes to most of them. I don't regret working so much...I really did learn a lot and some very exciting doors have been opened as a result, but I think I'm going to be more mindful in the coming year what I say yes to. 

On top of which my personal life has been really stressful this year. I don't really know what to say about this here, except that in some ways my life has been in limbo. This combined with too much work has kept me from blogging or too tired to care about a lot of things - like Halloween costumes (we didn't dress up this year) or Christmas (confession: I never put up our tree or decorations...couldn't be bothered). 

The good news is that I believe things are getting better. I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I have work to do - both in my professional and personal life. No New Years Resolutions this year  (not even anti-resolutions) ...just the promise to myself that I will be mindful of my spiritual well being, my personal happiness and above all: keep it simple. 

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  1. Another great round-up that really sums up the year. Shaw asked me to to a video as well but I said no since you killed it in yours. I have no resolutions this year either my life has been in limbo for the past 2 years (after some failures I took time off from the worry) but this year is the year I will get back in the habit of trying to make things happen.

    Best of luck in 2015 and you know I am always going to love when you take time to post something new:)

  2. Goodness, do I hear you about feeling very, very overworked and like you said yes to too many projects/opportunities this year. The same rings true for me as well and I wrap up 2014 feeling very spent and like I need to (must!) work on regaining a better sense of balance (between work, play and rest) in my life next year if I'm to have a snowball's chance of not (proverbially) crashing and burning in 2015.

    I'm very sorry that this year was often such a challenging one for you, my sweet friend, and hope with all my heart that 2015 proves to be a far more positive and enjoyable year for you on all fronts.

    Endless hugs & the very happiest of New Year's wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Looks a great year- I hope you have more energy and less exhaustion next year. x

  4. Nice wrap up, and quite a lot that is awesome! From the interview to Chopper!

    Like you, I do feel like my life was in limbo, and I have been feeling that way for sometime. So here is to the new year and an end of limbo!

    Happy New Year!


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