Sunday, January 4, 2015

For Fun: My Old Apartment

Nothing like starting off a year by looking back...

I was sifting through my pictures and found these photos from my old apartment and I thought it would be fun to share!

My family moved around a lot when I was young. I've lived in many houses and have discovered that wherever you nest will be home. I lived in this apartment for 5 years. Other than the house I grew up in where my family settled for most of my life and the house The Boy and I live in now, this is the place I've lived the longest. I lived here in university, through the most major break-up in my life, I lived here when I met The Boy.
I lived here with my ex (the major break-up), I had room-mates in this apartment and I lived alone. This place saw me through a lot of major moments in my life.

The photos are a little grainy. I took them with my old flip phone.

My dining room. I loved it. My apartment was very girly. 

The living didn't always have two couches in it. The red couch used to be centered on the back wall under the picture. I took these pictures when I was looking for someone to sublet after we bought our house. The sectional was being kept so it could go in the house we live in now (it's since been replace by our leather sofa and it now lives in The Boy's workshop in the basement). 

My very cute 60's gallery style kitchen. This kitchen had more storage than the one in my current house if you can believe it. 

This place floods me with memories..the good, the bad and the ugly.

I wish I had a picture of my bathroom and my office. My office was really nothing special, but my bathroom had pink tile, walls and floor and a turquoise toilet, sink and tub. In fact it looked a lot like this:

Is it just me, or was anyone else singing the Barenaked Ladies song "Old Apartment" when they read the title of this post? 
Enjoy! Now you can sing this in your head all day with me! lol!



  1. Interesting space that was decorated by and for you. Thanks for sharing it. It's funny how attached we can get to our living spaces, no matter how humble. I had very fond memories of all of mine.

  2. I love this post, and your old apartment was really nice! You've got great style.

    I've been in my current apartment for three years now and it is the first place I've landed that has truly felt like home (I've moved a lot as well, mostly as a young adult). This was the first place I ever lived without a roommate of any sort, which was a really great (and I think important) experience for me. I share the space with my partner now and still absolutely love it here. Eventually we will move on, but for now I'm glad to call my little apartment home!

  3. Love seeing places that bring back memories. Now you make me want to bring out my old photos and see if I have any decent picturesof my old apt, it was truly a stunning place with french doors and built in cherry buffet in the dining room, my kitchen was done in red and white. The thing is I never took pictures of just the rooms, only pictures of people, unlike my mother who always took pictures of the house and rooms all clean, having five kids I guess that was the opportune time to get a good picture of order.

  4. Passando pra conhecer seu blog, já estou seguindo.
    conheça também o meu. Beijos


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